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Value Proposition

Understanding how your technology is trialled, adopted and purchased within the target clinical environment is critical to developing a winning value proposition. We can act as a constructive and independent assessor of the viability of your product in medical practice.


Even the most compelling medical treatments can fail if they do not reflect the day-to-day, practical, logistical and financial constraints within any given healthcare setting.

The beneficiary (patient), user (clinician) and buyer (healthcare provider organisation) often have different, and sometimes conflicting, requirements.

On your behalf, we work with our extensive network of clinicians to evaluate how your product will benefit them, their patients and their family and other carers. We map out the current care pathway and identify all key stakeholders in the process.

We then identify at which points your product can make a difference to process efficiency, patient outcomes and costs.



An important part of your new product roll-out will be providing the right evidence of your impact. We can work with you and clinicians to design and implement primary market research and clinical trial programmes which will demonstrate the clinical benefits as well as quantify the commercial benefits.

We can also organise focus groups to investigate first-hand how the different stakeholders view your innovation and how to integrate it effectively into best practice.

We provide a comprehensive assessment and validation of your product from a clinical perspective and discuss how best to take your technology forward with healthcare providers and patients, by drafting a technology road map together.

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