Advisory services, development and delivery of healthcare innovation programmes

Track Record

Health Enterprise East has an outstanding track record in delivering Innovation Programmes that identify, assess, select and launch new MedTech products.


We can help your organisation by working with you to understand the current innovation climate and identify the key areas you would most like to influence.

Each innovation programme is unique, so we can Design and Develop a tailored innovation programme for you which meets your specific requirements. By leveraging best practice in the field, we ensure your programme has the best chances of producing successful outcomes.

We can help with developing Processes and Governance to ensure consistent, objective processes that will guarantee fair treatment for all applicants, participants and stakeholders, and ss funding is often an integral part of the programme, you will need to incorporate sound financial practices.



Some clients ask us the deliver their innovation programme, and we have a 10 year track record of doing so efficiently and effectively. We can provide an integrated end-to-end service, or work on specific parts within your overall programme of work.

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