Health Technology Assessments

Our team includes professionally qualified and experienced health economists who can provide comprehensive economic assessments and evaluations to support your innovation.


We can help you Identify the beneficiaries of your product or innovation. We will work with you to identify everyone in the healthcare delivery pathway who may benefit, or in any way be affected. We can then help you understand procurement including who the buyers are and the range of factors to be considered.

We have in house expertise to carry out systematic and rapid literature reviews to identify the Evidence you will need to gather to support HTA submissions, clinical claims and value proposition.

In doing this we can help you Demonstrate cost effectiveness, using a pragmatic approach to economic modelling which articulates various scenarios to understand the cost and outcomes gained from your innovation.


Commercial Factors

Once we understand the relevant commercial factors (as well as the clinical ones), we can help you to Consider different pricing strategies – so that you can price your product appropriately.

Finally, we can help you Develop the value proposition, by acting as a constructive sounding board to assess your ideas and help shape them into a proposition that will make a real positive difference.

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