MedTech Consulting

Essential insights, knowledge and evidence to successfully develop and commercialise health technologies.

Technology and Innovation

We help clients with essential insights, knowledge and evidence. This enables them to successfully develop and commercialise technologies for the UK healthcare market and abroad.

We understand markets, facilitate connections, conduct evaluations and advise on health economics, funding & innovation.

Some of HEE's consulting services are provided in collaboration with our valued partners (see our partners page for more details).

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A methodical approach to market access and business strategy

Understanding the external market environment for your product is the single most important factor for your commercial success.

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MedTech IP

Understanding IP position and due diligence for investment and growth

Health Enterprise East has extensive experience helping clients gain a greater understanding of their intellectual property (IP) position and jointly developing a plan to defend and protect their assets.

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Providing clinical pathway, procurement and reimbursement insights

Understanding how your technology is trialled, adopted and purchased within the target clinical environment is critical to developing a winning value proposition. We can act as a constructive and independent assessor of the viability of your product in medical practice.

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Connecting businesses with clinical, operational and technical experts

Having access to the right knowledge and expertise about your target customer in their local market is an invaluable part of successfully developing and launching new products.

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Understanding value proposition, economic impact and pricing

Our team includes professionally qualified and experienced health economists who can provide comprehensive economic assessments and evaluations to support your innovation.

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Advisory services, development and delivery of healthcare innovation programmes

Health Enterprise East has an outstanding track record in delivering Innovation Programmes that identify, assess, select and launch new MedTech products.

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Providing evidence on clinical, operational and financial impact of deployment

Health Enterprise East has extensive experience evaluating the implementation and deployment of new technologies into healthcare settings.

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