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The NHS needs our help to Innovate Now. Businesses can support the rapid development of medical technologies that help the NHS to deliver safe and effective care post COVID-19.

Innovate Now: Helping to deliver safe and effective care

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the NHS has continued to demonstrate its unique ability to innovate and overcome barriers whilst continuing to provide world class care. Although routine services are beginning to re-start, capacity and delivery of care will continue to be affected by the introduction of new safety and social distancing measures.

Innovate Now will fund the rapid research and development of innovative devices, diagnostics and digital solutions that will help the NHS tackle the current backlog of consultations, screenings and surgeries while implementing new safeguarding measures for patients and staff.

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How can business help

Most of the focus to date has rightly been on solving the immediate problems created by the coronavirus pandemic. As the NHS begins to re-start routine care, new innovations are needed to safeguard patients, carers and front-line staff during delivery of services.

We are asking businesses and partners to help fund the rapid development of the devices, diagnostics and digital solutions that the NHS will need in the coming months to safely re-start routine services and build capacity by donating between £1,000 and £5,000 to Innovate Now.

Traditionally, development of new medical technology related products and services can take 3-5 years. By raising these funds and providing the expert project management needed to accelerate development programs, we aim to drive the development of these innovations forward in a much shorter timeframe.

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How will the funding raised be spent

HEE has a long-standing history of working with the NHS to develop innovative solutions to healthcare problems. To identify unmet needs created by the coronavirus pandemic, HEE will work with our network of 20 NHS member organisations to identify relevant technology gaps.

This needs-based approach will mean we can quickly and proactively seek solutions to problems such as: reducing the risk of contamination during surgery; managing outpatients remotely; self-monitoring tools & platforms to enable patients to self-care; and mental health support for those with long-term symptoms.

We will use the funds raised to catalyse multiple projects by pump priming solutions to these needs with relatively small amounts of money. As such, the funds are designed to compliment the existing COVID-19 funding programmes by focussing uniquely on rapid turnaround of technologies that will help the NHS transition from the COVID-19 crisis to the ‘new normal’.

It’s clear that innovation is going to be critical as we re-start routine services in the NHS. We need to develop new technologies in much shorter timeframes than has traditionally been the case which is why a rapid turnaround funding scheme such as this will make such a difference. These funds will enable us to take an idea and swiftly develop it to a point where we can start to engage commercial partners. Mr Andrew Hindmarsh, Consultant Oesophagogastric Surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

What we are looking for

We are looking to raise funds to support our NHS partners to Innovate Now. This way your company can play an important role in re-starting routine care.

In return we will acknowledge your contribution and company logo on the HEE website and on all associated marketing material in relation to the Innovate Now fundraising. We’ll produce a quarterly update on how we have used the funds and share this with you and on our website. For more information, download a copy of our Innovate Now Supporter Pack.

To join our coalition and collaborate with our partners, email: or call Tim Fishlock, Head of Technology Transfer, on Tel: 01223 928048.

To donate: use the link below to give your chosen donation.

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We appreciate that times are hard and resources are precious so if you decide to support this activity you will be helping NHS clinicians and patients directly. You will also be in good company as some businesses have already pledged their support:

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