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MedTech Grant Funding Opportunities

To apply for any of the MedTech grant funding opportunities listed below, please do get in touch for more information.

SBRI: Improving Hip Fracture Outcomes Using Data, Phase 1

Closing date: 31st March 2021

Funding: £160,000

The aim of the competition is to improve outcomes for hip fracture patients by developing a system using routinely collected health data and data-analytics techniques.

NIHR: Health Technology Assessment

Closing Date: None Specified

Funding: Discretionary

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme funds research about the clinical and cost-effectiveness and broader impact of healthcare treatments and tests for those who plan, provide or receive care from NHS and social care services. They have a number of themed calls, please refer their website for more information.

NIHR: Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme

Closing Date: None Specified

Funding: Discretionary

The EME Programme primarily supports clinical trials, and other robustly designed studies that test the efficacy of interventions. The interventions should have the potential to improve patient care or benefit the public. The programme will only support studies where there is sufficient evidence that the intervention might work in man, i.e. that there is ‘proof of concept’. Current calls here include Cystic Fibrosis, Novel strategies to reduce overtreatment, Paediatric Care among others.

Horizon 2020 funding

Horizon 2020 is the largest ever European funding programme for research and innovation. It has a budget of 79 billion euros and will run throughout 2020.Horizon 2020 aims to ensure that Europe produces world-class science remove barriers to innovation make it easier for public and private sectors to innovate together UK scientists, researchers and businesses can continue to participate in Horizon 2020 programmes and receive EU grant funding for the lifetime of individual projects, This includes projects finishing after 1 January 2021.

SBRI: Improving Multimorbidity Acute Care Using Data Analytics

Closing date: 3 March 2021 11:00am

Organisations can to improve the care and outcomes for patients with multimorbidity admitted in A&E. The aim is to improve clinical decision decision-making by introducing a data data-driven approach that must:

- identify multimorbidity patients
- provide individual risk stratification through real real-time data visualisation
- provide decision support following an emergency admission

Organisations can apply for a share of £160,000 inclusive of VAT to develop a data-driven solution to improve the care and outcomes for patients with multimorbidity admitted to A&E.


Deadline: 4 February 2021

UK SMEs can apply for a share of up to £2.5 million to collaborate in research with partners across Europe and associated countries.

i4i Connect

Deadline: Not Specifies

Funding: £150,00

i4i Connect is aimed at small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in need of a funding boost to reach the next stage in the development pathway. Eligible SMEs may comprise developers of medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and digital health technologies with direct patient benefits, looking to ultimately integrate into the NHS. The funding stream aims to help SMEs get to a point where they can apply for further funding, in particular for an i4i Product Development Award. It also aims to de-risk projects at any stage of the translational research and development pathway to support follow-on investment.

i4i Product Development Awards

Deadline: Not yet opened for stage 2

Funding: Discretionary

i4i Product Development Awards (PDA) support innovations at any stage of the translational research and development pathway, including the clinical development of laboratory-validated technologies or interventions. This funding stream is researcher-led and does not specify topics for research. Research proposals must include applicants from two organisation types: an NHS Trust, higher education institution or small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME).

NIHR Artificial intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions

Deadline: None Specified

Funding: £5,000,000

The AIM call will fund programmes of research which will use AI and data science methods, combined with expertise in clinical practice, applied health and care research and social science, to systematically identify or explore clusters of disease. In addition to the identification and mapping of new clusters of disease, the call seeks research to better understand the trajectories of patients with MLTC-M over time and throughout the life course, including the influence of wider determinants such as environmental, behavioral and psychosocial factors.

NIHR: Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award (AI Award)

Deadline: 03/03/2021 (Stage 2 if invited)

Funding: £150,000

The AI in Health and Care award is run in partnership with the Accelerated Access Collaborative and NHSX.
The AI in Health and Care Award supports AI technologies across the spectrum of development, from initial feasibility to evaluation within clinical pathways in the NHS and social care settings, to the point that they could be nationally commissioned. Key areas of focus include screening, diagnosis, decision support and system efficiency.

PRACE Support To Mitigate Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Deadline: None Specified

Funding: Discretionary

PRACE is welcoming project proposals requesting computing resources to contribute to the mitigation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This applies, without being exhaustive, to the following topics:

• Biomolecular research to understand the mechanisms of the virus infection
• Bioinformatics research to understand mutations, evolution, etc.
• Bio-simulations to develop therapeutics and/or vaccines
• Epidemiologic analysis to understand and forecast the spread of the disease
• Other analyses to understand and mitigate the impact of the pandemic

Global Innovation Fund- COVID-19 Response

Deadline: None Specified

Funding: Discretionary

GIF was set up to confront global development challenges by funding innovations with the potential to improve the lives of the world’s poorest people. For those living in developing countries, COVID-19 is yet another of these challenges.
In a crisis, the most vulnerable are the ones most at risk. In this pandemic, and the recovery that follows it, GIF will be there to support the innovators and entrepreneurs with the vision to deliver solutions for the world’s poorest people.

NIHR: Prioritised support for urgent COVID 19 research

Deadline: None Specified

Funding: Discretionary

In March 2020, on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), the NIHR set up a UK wide portal for applying for funding and/or prioritised support for urgent public health research into COVID 19. Our goal was to gather the necessary clinical and epidemiological evidence to inform national policy and enable new diagnostics, treatments and vaccines to be developed and tested.

UKRI Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards

Deadline: February

Funding: £62,500

The Healthy Ageing Catalyst Award is a high risk, high reward innovation award offering £62,500 to ambitious researchers who are prepared to turn their most innovative ideas into workable products and services. The award provides a structured, 9 month part time programme of support starting in September 2021, designed to accelerate your ideas and maximise the reach and impact of your work. Applications will be open to UK based researchers in a variety of disciplines, including a wide range of voices, viewpoints, and experiences. We particularly welcome applications from early career researchers, researchers in the arts, humanities and social sciences (AHSS)

Nesta Impact Investment

Deadline: None Specified

Funding: £1,000,000

Nesta Impact Investments is a £17.6m fund investing in life changing innovations that help tackle the major challenges faced by older people, children and communities in the UK.

Global Innovation Fund

Deadline: None Specified

Funding: Discretionary

The Global Innovation Fund is a non profit innovation fund headquartered in London with an office in Washington D.C. that invests in the development, rigorous testing, and scaling of innovations targeted at improving the lives of the world's poorest people. Through our grants and risk capital, we help breakthrough solutions to global development challenges from for profit firms, non profit organisations, researchers, and government agencies to maximise their impact and affect meaningful change.

Multiple Long Term Conditions Challenge Fund

Deadline: 25/02/2021

Funding: £175,000

The focus of this call is for preventative efforts to slow progression for working
age adults, who live with one health condition and are at risk of developing
many. This requires us to:
• examine how circumstances and environments ( e.g. employment, finances,
housing) impact wellbeing or the progression from one long term condition to
a second or third long term condition
• prioritise groups most likely to experience health inequity, including people
from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and those on a lower
income and people experiencing intersectional inequalities ( e.g. combining
gender, ethnicity or disability to name only a few protected characteristics).
• explore how wellbeing, stress and multimorbidity are linked
• understand how the progression could be slowed, halted through

Asthma Health Technology Fund

Deadline: None Specified

Funding: Discretionary

NIHR, EPSRC and Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation have come
together to launch a multi million pound fund to support the development and
adoption of asthma health technologies. This fund has been designed to support
innovation from concept stage through to scaling in the NHS. The purpose of this
call is to support the research and development of novel solutions to prevent
asthma attacks and improve the lives of people with asthma. The areas of focus
should fall into any of the following areas: Diagnosis, Self management,
Treatment optimization, Monitoring, Risk stratification

IndieBio Coronavirus Initiative

Deadline: None Specified

Funding: Discretionary

We are seeking up to 8 startups to receive a minimum of $250,000 each to pursue the development of diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, disinfection, and other solutions addressing the worldwide problem of emerging infectious diseases. Companies who focus on detection may include those that:

• Improve diagnostic capabilities in speed, cost, or scaling.
• Predict negative post-infection sequelae for COVID-19 patients.
• Enhance serological testing kits.

Innovator Awards (Wellcome trust)

Deadline: Any time

These awards support researchers who are transforming great ideas into healthcare innovations that could have a significant impact on human health. Awards of up to £500,000, or up to £750,000 for multidisciplinary collaborations are available.

Other Support Available


Rolling call for applications

The MedTech NAVIGATOR programme, delivered by Health Enterprise, provides Innovation Grants to SMEs to engage in new research and innovation activities with eligible knowledge providers. Businesses can apply for funding to access expert advice, product review by stakeholders or to carry out early stage proof of concept activities.

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