Realising Innovation

At Heath Enterprise East our aim is to help support and develop innovative NHS ideas realise their potential.


HEE was established in 2004 as the Innovation Hub for the eastern region, but has since grown to offer a wide range of technology advisory and innovation management services to the NHS.

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Realising potential

Our work ensures NHS ideas are developed to realise their potential.

HEE is currently working with 25 Trusts in the East of England, East Midlands, London and the South providing a range of services delivered by an expert team, these include:

  • Intellectual property management & commercialisation advice and support
  • Proof of concept assistance and innovation training

Tell us about your idea

Use our simple form to tell us about your idea or innovation. The information disclosed will be treated as confidential and following a review an Innovation Manager will be in contact with you.

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The initial evaluation of an idea disclosed involves reviewing a number of key aspects, including:

  • Exploring the unmet need and patient benefit
  • Determining the potential market opportunity
  • Ascertaining the Intellectual Property (IP) that could be protected
  • Estimating the development requirements and costs

This initial evaluation review takes 4 - 6 weeks and it may be necessary to meet to discuss an idea further.

Following the review, HEE will provide your organisation with feedback and recommended next steps, including any proposed support which may be offered by HEE to assist with the development of the idea.

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The next steps for your innovation

Recommendations and next steps are dependent on the nature of the innovation, but may include:

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Prototype development
  • Proof of concept
  • Commercialisation strategy
  • Deal negotiation

NHS Trusts have IP policies providing details of the sharing of revenues generated from commercialisation. These ‘reward to inventor’ schemes are set by each individual Trust with the Trust’s Research and Development department usually responsible for the policy itself.