West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust staff win Innovation Voucher funding to develop their ideas.

21st July, 2020

Health Enterprise East (HEE), the NHS Innovation and Technology Consultancy are supporting two winning entries from the latest HEE Innovation Voucher Competition. This competition was kindly sponsored by our partners Medovate, an innovative medical device manufacturer based in Cambridge.

Both winning entries have come from clinicians working at the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust; Consultant Anaesthetists, Dr Beena Parker and Dr Rajesh Shankar. The prize is funding in the shape of an innovation voucher to further develop and evaluate their technologies. The winning ideas are for innovative anaesthesia devices that help provide improved clinical care. One is for a novel safety valve system, and the other is for an oro-gastric tube device.

HEE and Medovate supported the initial ideation workshop, exploring the ideas in more depth with the inventors and another Cambridge based company, EG Technology, to generate concept drawings. Using the results of the workshop, a design review on potential prototypes will be completed. This will include recommendations on potential improvements and any intellectual property requirements.

For details of the latest Innovation Voucher competitions available for NHS staff please visit our Competitions page.

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