Health Enterprise East launches new service to help hospitals and primary care re-start routine services

4th June, 2020

There can be no doubt that, over the last months, the NHS has been challenged like never before. It is also true that it has responded admirably and has shown it can adapt with great speed and agility in re-purposing its facilities and staff to deal with this acute crisis. However, there is a cost.

Financially, £13b debt has been written off, and costs of COVID-19 preparation will be covered.

More important is the huge non-financial impact. Focus on treating COVID-19 has affected almost every service. Elective surgery has been cancelled, as have many other non-COVID related services such as non-acute diagnostics, treatments and out-patient services. As a result, apparent waiting lists have dropped, but demand is being held back by primary care, and by patients choosing not to access the NHS right now, and pressures are building up that will have to be dealt with.

There is now a great opportunity to take the mindset and momentum of innovation into the next phase. Investment in innovative technology means many new solutions have been developed. But adoption into clinical practice remains slow.

Now is the time to consider which new technologies can make the “new normal” smarter. HEE has helped the NHS innovate for over 15 years and can help find the right solutions now.

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