Improving Healthcare

At Health Enterprise East we believe in improving healthcare through technology and innovation.

Technology and Innovation

We are uniquely connected with the NHS, medical technology industry and governmental organisations, and provide advice and support to each of these key parties in the healthcare innovation landscape.

Our industry consulting offer uses tested tools and pragmatic methodologies to produce the best advice, knowledge and insights for MedTech companies to be commercially successful.

We understand markets, provide insights, investigate health economics, facilitate connections, manage IP and advise on data integration and innovation.

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Joop Tanis
Director, MedTech Consulting and Business Development

Tel: 01223 928040

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Medtech Consulting

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Connecting businesses with clinical and technical experts​.

Having access to the right knowledge and expertise is an essential part of successfully developing and new products.


Understanding value proposition, economic impact and pricing.

MedTech products aim to deliver the best clinical outcomes. To achieve this understanding the Economic Impact is essential for commercial success.


Advising on and delivering healthcare innovation programmes.

To achieve the radical innovations needed to meet future healthcare demands requires a culture of innovation and methods to achieve this.


Providing clinical pathway, procurement and reimbursement insights.

Key stakeholders required for MedTech adoption: beneficiary (patient), user (clinician) and buyer (NHS organisation) often have different interests and requirements.

MedTech IP

Understanding IP position and due diligence for investment and growth.

Understanding the status, value and potential of your product is essential for product commercialisation, helping a business to grow and maximise its potential.


A methodical approach to market access and business strategy​.

Understanding the market environment for your product is the single most important factor for commercial success.


Providing connectivity analysis and solutions for healthcare systems

Health Enterprise East has extensive experience introducing new technologies into established healthcare data systems and frameworks.