Mika Mirzanasiri


Mika plays a part in HEE’s operations as an Analyst after gaining several years of experience as a Business Executive working with numerous Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device companies - helping to disseminate information surrounding their innovative products to healthcare professionals in primary and/or secondary care. This experience proved invaluable for Mika in developing a deep appreciation for how innovations in healthcare can alleviate serious ailments and lead to more successful patient outcomes.

Mika has gained both a BEng (University of Hull) and MSc (Imperial College London) in Biomedical Engineering, having gone on to specialise in biomechanics and prosthetic development at the latter. He also has experience authoring technical documentation (e.g., EOPs, SOPs, Developer Documentation) as a Technical Writer for clients primarily in healthcare, software development, and manufacturing sectors.

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mika-mirzanasiri

Email – Mika.Mirzanasiri@hee.co.uk

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