Innovation in Public Health: Hear Glue Ear

The challenge

The Hear Glue Ear device uniquely combines a bone conduction headset with a microphone for children with glue ear. After the prototype was developed, the inventor, Dr Tamsin Brown - Community Paediatrician at Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, approached MedTech CONSULTING to carry out a Commercial Proof of Concept to supplement their own competitor analysis and clinical studies.

Our intervention

  • Initially, to validate the need of the product in the market MedTech CONSULTING undertook interviews with clinicians as well as parents of affected children, gathering feedback on market potential, clinical utility and adoption - MedTech CONNECT
  • To understand possible barriers to entry and potential means of overcoming them, the team mapped out the various stakeholders and their respective roles in the adoption process - MedTech INSIGHTS
  • In parallel, the potential health economic benefits were investigated to identify where a tangible financial impact could be made particularly with respect to a reduced need for speech and language therapists for children affected by glue ear during key personal development stages - MedTech ECONOMICS
  • To support this programme of work, a series of 1-1 interviews and focus groups were carried out in addition to desk-top research. Responses were anonymised and aggregated, and the feedback was analysed.

The outcomes

The client was presented with a detailed final presentation describing potential challenges and novel opportunities for the innovation, alongside the health economics assessment detailing the cost benefit for the NHS.

""Working with MedTech CONSULTING gave independently validated market information, which subsequently enabled further successful funding for the project." ."
Dr Tamsin Brown - Community Paediatrician at Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust