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Delivering technology advisory services and innovation management to industry and the NHS


At Health Enterprise East we believe in improving healthcare through technology and innovation. We are uniquely connected with the NHS, medical technology industry and governmental organisations, and provide advice and support to each of these key parties in the healthcare innovation landscape.

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HEE works with the NHS and medtech companies to help  turn innovative ideas into products and services that will benefit patients, the NHS and the wider economy.

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SBRI Healthcare Awards £1.25 Million to Pioneering Musculoskeletal Disorder & Oral Health Innovations

20th February, 2019

SBRI Healthcare has awarded £1.25 million to help fund the development of thirteen separate innovations relating to musculoskeletal disorder and dentistry, oral health and oral cancers


Medovate to Develop Radical New Life-Saving Intensive Care Innovation

12th February, 2019

Medical device development company and innovation partner to Health Enterprise East, Medovate, has recently announced that it has secured the exclusive rights to design, develop, and manufacture Arterial Glucosave.


Health Enterprise East licence ground-breaking anaesthesia innovation to Medovate

21st December, 2018

Health Enterprise East (HEE) are pleased to announce its first licence agreement with medical device company Medovate.